Fine Artist Helen Perkins


I'm Helen Perkins, a 23-year-old practising artist living and working in the North West of England.

My degree in English Literature and subsequent postgraduate studies in Print Journalism led me to an interest in narrative art - images which seem to suggest a story. My current project focuses on adapting the traditional style of oil painting to create modern portraits which reflect the nature and lifestyle of the sitter.

This summer my joint exhibition in the city of Derby provided an opportunity for me to showcase my latest developments in portraiture alongside a contrasting fellow artist Emily Garces. Some of the work from the exhibition can be seen in my Paintings tab. Last year my exhibitions in Lancaster focused on 'Sleeping strangers' and the way that people seem to lose their waking identities when they fall asleep on buses, in libraries and on street corners.  

I have taken several paintings commissions this year from individuals with a particular image they would like adapted into oils, most of which can be viewed on this site. If you are interested in a portrait or a painting for a Birthday or other special occasion and want to know my prices you can contact me here and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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